Joseph Laracuenta

In 1986, Joseph began to train in Tai Chi, Yang Sun, Wu-Tan Sword, Dragon Sword, Tun Pei, Pa-Kua, Yang Style, Nei Kung, Qi-Gong and many other martial arts under the tutelage of Grand Master David Lin, and under the supervision of Master CK Chu. This quest led Joseph to the Neijia 內家 school, or Chinese Internal Martial Arts, where he became a senior disciple of Grand Master David Lin and Dr. Chi Wai Wong.

Joseph became assistant instructor, and subsequently a teacher at the school. To deepen his understanding of the health benefits of the martial arts, he attended the World Medical Qi Gong Conference in Beijing, China.

His passion for transmitting the martial arts is exemplified by his relaxed, yet energetic teaching style, which is down to earth, and easy to understand.

Joseph is presently employed with the New York Health and Racquet Club, and is a faculty member of NYU. He is a member of the American QiGong Society, and Dr. Paul Lam's Tai Chi for Health Community. Joseph is a Certified Tai Chi Instructor for Arthritis, and is the 2001 Gold Medal winner in Tai Chi at the U.S. Chinese Federation.
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